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Russian Troubles

August 4, 2017

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s “special investigator” status has been questioned directly and and the subject of tweets.  Is the special prosecutor’s tenure in doubt?

The President, of course, sees the investigation as “witch hunt” and “totally a fabrication”. And, the President who gratuitously leads his campaign style audiences to chant “lock her up”, prefers to deflect any personal involvement, other than being a victim. So, what might be really happening?

Anyone who has been awake since January 20th when Donald Trump became the 45th US President must know one thing. The President is pathologically incapable of telling the truth on even the simplest of subjects. On that basis, one must assume there is substance to the “Russian Collusion” charges, what exactly the breadth and width of collusion remains to be shown.

Some suggest that the Mueller investigation will lead to “obstruction of justice” charges rather than actually collusion with the Russians. Again, anyone who has been watching or listening to the White House shenanigans knows there has been obstruction. What the lay person does not know is whether President Trump’s actions rise to the level of criminality.

Unlike the greedy bankers or ethically corrupt subcontractors with whom businessman Trump is used to dealing, Director Mueller is no fool when it comes to investigations, and can tell a bluff when he sees one. If there is a case, Mueller will find it.

But what happens if Mueller finds grounds for criminal charges?

Many might say “impeach the bum and good riddance”. Others might caution that a President Mike Pence will bring less dysfunction but his extreme views on religion and his ease with imposing them on others is as great a danger or even greater than President Trump.

The game is in motion and the “cards” will speak. If the charges are weak, Mueller’s report to Congress will go no where. If, on the other hand, Mueller’s charges are substantive, then impeachment becomes a real possibility.

Under these circumstances, America needs a modern day Solomon. Why, wouldn’t cards speak?

President Trump was narrowly elected by a surprisingly divided country. His supporters despite copious examples of mistruths, boorish behavior, and unprincipled threats, still are fully in the President’s corner. President Trump can do no wrong for these voters.

Therefore to impeach and remove the President could be seen by 30-40% of Americans as a coup and one more example of the unfairness of the Federal Government. It is unimaginable that President Trump would resign and urge his followers to support what ever followed. More likely would be a movement to change the Constitution and allow ex-President Trump to be reelected at the next general election. Not only would the country face a Constitutional crisis, it would face a schism so strong that armed militia reprisals are not out of the question.

And for what reason?

Trump supporters in one way or the other see the American pie as not fairly being divided. Political correctness makes no sense to them other than as an unjustified power grab. Taxes only take money from them (factually not true) and give it to the lazy, immigrants, and undeserving. Congress members (except theirs) are just stuffing their pockets with cash while ignoring working people’s problems. But not President Trump, he cares about them. Hmmm.

Well, cards do speak. The Mueller investigation will go where it will go. If the case is strong enough President Trump may be impeached.  The ex-President will not only have brought America the most unprepared and temperamentally unfit President, he may provoke a Constitutional crisis of unknown dimensions.

If the Trump “35%” learns from this Pied Piper and recognize Trumpism is not the answer for their dissatisfaction, all will not be for naught.