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Guns Or Gay Marriage

October 7, 2018

With the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, one might ask, “will Justice Kavanaugh be pro-second Amendment AND anti-gay rights (Fourteenth Amendment, equal treatment under the law)? I wonder whether the Justice will see the irony of these conflicting positions?

Most conservative judges have ruled an expansive Second Amendment interpretation.  According to these learned men, guns are a rock bed right which all Americans possess, even guns in unlimited quantities.  Guaranteed by the Constitution and in line with the Founding Fathers original intent, they say.

If one looks at this perspective closely, the conservative side is saying no one has to own a gun but at the same time no one should deny ownership to others.  Hmmm.

Gay rights, however, seems to be seen differently by conservative judges.  Conservatives seem very much at ease when courts find that discrimination against the LGBT community is ok (if stemming from deeply held religious views). 

In other words, even though no one is being forced to be gay, bi-sexual, or transgender, and being an LGBT member does not infringe on anyone else’s rights, it is permissible to  limit gay rights, if not outrightly banishing the LGBT community existence.


(Family planning and women’s reproductive health rights are similar, where the conservative, paternalistic right continually attempts to assert its “father knows best” over issues that do not effect anyone else and are not compulsory issues which the conservative right must follow.)

So, Guns or Gay marriage encapsulate the contradictory position that many conservatives, particularly those under the influence of fundamental or evangelical religious beliefs. 

“I not only know how to live my life best, I know better how to live your life”. 

What’s Wrong With Beer?

October 2, 2018

Dr Christine Blasey Ford opened a can of worms for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  While her charges centered on a sexual assault, the setting was a party with underage drinking.  In Kavanaugh’s testimony he admitted “liking” beer and having drank a lot at times.  Now other sources have stepped forward with unseemly charges against Kavanaugh which also involve beer consumption.  Hmmm.

So, what’s wrong with beer?

Probably nothing.  But the awkward and potentially disastrous situation Kavanaugh has created is much less about underage drinking or even excessive drinking, and all about a forceful, angry denial of drinking to excess and the highly unflattering allegations being made against his good name.

Had Kavanaugh simply said when he was young he did what other teenagers did and today he is embarrassed looking back.  Kavanaugh could have gone on to say he had no memory of Dr Ford’s charges.  Instead Kavanaugh has vehemently and categorically denied his involvement, asserted he did not get drunk and act poorly.  And, to make matters worse, Kavanaugh has tried to change the subject by turning attention to Democrat political motives trying to defeat his Supreme Court nomination.

The strength and intensity of Kavanaugh’s testimony should be worrisome to all Senators.  Kavanaugh acted like a slick city lawyer employing misdirection and obfuscation.  Is this what we want for someone who will potential be writing Supreme Court opinions?

That’s what’s wrong with beer.

Why Not Brett

September 28, 2018

Yesterday the country watched truly riveting testimony by Dr Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh over whether there was or was not a drunken sexual harassment incident about 37 years ago.  After some 10 hours of tense testimony, the the charges remained “he said, she said”.  That outcome represented a Republican win since they had already scheduled a committee vote for Friday without the benefit of having heard the testimony.  Republican Senators had already made up their minds.

Most observers agreed that Ms Ford had not “proved” anything other than she was sincere in her beliefs.  Judge Kavanaugh offered an emotional defense denying categorically any involvement and tried to shift the subject to the hurt his family was experiencing.  But he said more.

  • Kavanaugh expressed strong influence from his father and mother. 
  • He confirmed that he had attended elitist schools and had belonged to an exclusive golf club.
  • He attended a catholic high school and professed strong faith today too.
  • He saw Dr Ford and others attack part of a Democrat conspiracy to deny him a Supreme Court seat. 
  • And, most revealing, Kavanaugh admitted his frequency and friendship with beer. 

So, what could this mean?

  • The Senate Republicans Senate members should have paid more attention to Kavanaugh’s judicial independence threatened by his Catholic faith. 
  • Senate Republicans should consider whether someone who feels so “entitled” is fit for the Supreme Court.
  • And, his strong parental affirmations could indicate Kavanaugh has a patriarchal view on life (as is typical of catholic teachings).  Bad news for LBGT’s and women in general.  But then there were no women on the Republican sub-committee.

The Democrat’s position is that Kavanaugh did not prove his un-involvement (for example his beer drinking caused him to forget what actually happened), and going forward should depend upon more investigation, namely from the FBI.  This also fits a larger strategy of delaying confirmation until the mid-terms and possibly longer were Democrats to take control of the Senate.

Late today, the Senate agreed to delay a full Senate vote for one week while the FBI investigates.  Who would have thought?


The Real Kavanaugh Story

September 22, 2018

The news media was widely reporting today that Republican Congressional leaders have been warned that the “Evangelical” community will stay home this November if Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the Supreme Court.  In other words, even if Kavanaugh had groped and tried to sexually molest a 15 year old, all is forgiven.  Why would that be?

The answer appears to be the expectation that Kavanaugh will work to unravel Roe v Wade and side with the religious freedom advocates, who espouse discrimination against members of the LGBT communities, once he is seated.  Astonishingly, Americans claiming to hold deep Christian faith have found it expedient to “make a deal with the devil” to gain something they think they want.  Hmmm.

One must ask which of the founding fathers’ values supports favoring religious dogma over individual rights assuming the individual right, in and of itself, does not injure others?

In an evenly divided Senate, Judge Kavenaugh would not be confirmed.  Kavanaugh is bright enough but stands far to the right and out of the mainstream.  In the current Senate (small Republican advantage), however, the prospect of a Kavanaugh rejection is still possible and especially so, should Ms Blasey Ford testify credibly.  

The evangelical movement recognizes that possibility and has tried to put the hammer down.  Kavanaugh gets approved or we do not vote Republican this fall.  Hmmm. 

Pay Back?

September 17, 2018

Over this past weekend, a woman has come forward in an interview with the Washington Post, identifying Brett Kavanaugh as someone who groped her at a high school house party some thirty years ago.  Hmmm.

This revelation is sparking hopes among Democrats that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee might be stopped after all.  For many this is enough to call for celebration, for others this is enough to call out “fake news”.

The incident, even if true, ought not disqualify Kavanaugh.  His repeated denials might be seen as a character flaw (not telling the truth) but trying to have sex with another teenage is hardly aberrant behavior if this was an isolated event.  He was a youth himself and has had plenty of time to have seen the errors of his ways.  Who would like to throw the first stone?

So what’s the big deal?

Many point to Robert Bork’s rejection as a Supreme Court nominee in 1987 as the end of bi-partisan review of Supreme Court nominees and the beginning of purely partisan selections.  The Republican controlled Senate’s refusal to even hold hearings on Merritt Garland’s nomination in 2016 crossed the line of judicial fairness to gutter politics.  With Robert Bork one could argue with a straight face that Bork legal views lay outside the norms, but with Garland, the Senate would have faced a centrist.

Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t deserve this type of smear campaign even though his judicial views are viewed as right of Chief Justice Roberts.  Conservative groups, however, have worked diligently to gain a disproportional representation of their views.  Adding another very conservative justice to the Court could (many say, will) tilt the Supreme Court too far right and out of step with “most” Americans.  

So, will these new abuse charges hold up and represent “pay back” or will they be found lacking in merit?  Stay tuned.