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They Will Follow Us Home

December 30, 2009

When former President George W Bush was considering whether to take on the “surge” strategy in the Iraq mess that existed at that time, Senator John McCain was telling anyone who would listen, “if we withdraw now, the terrorists will follow us home!”

This was an absurd statement then, and in the after glow of the Detroit suicide bomber event, McCain’s words appear even more out of touch with reality. Sadaam Hussein was not the type of person you would want your daughter dating but under his rule, Iraq was contained and fully limited in its international influence. Al Qaeda were persona non gratis in this country. While one can debate whether Iraq will become stable and self sufficient any time soon, one can not debate the point that Iraq continues to play no role in the international terrorist world.

The Detroit bomber, Umar Fariuk Abdulmutallab, who is from Nigeria and has ties to Yemen, has no connection with Iraq (or Afghanistan). The US has been spending boat loads of money and loosing brave Americans to the hazards of war, and nome of it has been helpful in deterring or preventing a religious extremist from purchasing a airplane ticket (for cash) and getting on the plane (with no baggage), and then trying to blow up the plane on its landing approach.

Senior officials in private companies or in Government Agencies or Policy making groups are suppose to get the big decisions correct. The Bush Administration majored in getting things wrong. The Obama Administration is now up to bat and we are all watching. These religious extremists are delusional and act like “nut cases”. They need to be dealt with by “special operatives” and not the regular Army.  That approach will cost far less and could act far more surgically than 150,000 armed forces. It is time to recognize we must think differently because “they will not follow us home” unless we let them through airport security.