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Pelosi and Reid

February 27, 2010

If the Blair House was the headquarters of a vibrant American corporation and last Thursday’s Health Care Summit was a meeting of its senior executives, I think there would have been new jobs in line for Senate Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Their behaviors and rhetoric were far beneath the dignity of their positions and demeaned the importance of this meeting. Their performance clearly call into question their ability to lead.

Seniority and gender recognition are powerful reasons to consider in picking leaders but both have limits. Representatives Dingle and Rangel both added nothing of value in their comments and in effect detracted from the strength of President Obama’s proposals.

Thursday’s meeting was not that of a corporation but sadly it was a meeting of the senior leaders of our Country. It was inescapable that these four “leader” speak to the often overlooked wisdom of “term limits”.