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What’s The Story?

November 29, 2011

Yesterday the media was aglow with reports that a woman has accused Herman Cain of a 13 year affair.  She knew it was wrong but she did it anyways, she said.  Is that the story?

Most reporters raced to the probable impact this revelation might have on Cain’s chance to gain the GOP Presidential nomination.  These reporters should be all fired since Cain has between zero and zilch chance of winning any primary let alone the nomination.

Some reported Cain’s attorney saying that the sex life between consenting adults is none of anyones business particularly the press.  This is a worthy story but not what the conservative social value followers want to hear or read.

The real story, as when the first allegations of sexual harassment emerged against Cain, is who leaked the story and what was the gain expected by those bringing the charges?  Was it for money?  (Like that would never occur to a civic minded citizen.)

At this moment there is no smoking gun… that has been found.  If I were to look for one, I would be looking in either Rick Perry’s or Karl Rove’s closets.

Perry has only a little time to get into the top three now that Newt has slipped into number two making Perry number four.  If Perry could discredit Cain, maybe Perry could live to fight another day.

The Rove options is a little deeper stretch.  It is true that Rove already has vast experience at smear tactics and planting false and unflattering rumors about others.  It is part of his DNA.  However, as of now, Rove has no dogs in this fight… that is if we only consider the declared candidates.

Rove is already busy with influence ad postings (via American Crossroads).  He is just missing an announced candidate.  Rove is a stretch, but not that far out a one.

Sadly, the news media is as lame as advertised.  They are fully compromised since the next 12 months represent the biggest pay days for television, radio, and print media.  If they are fed misinformation and told to forget who told them, they will for fear of missing the next really big piece of news.

Dead rats, however, have a habit of creating such a smell that their presence finally does become known.  We will see.

The Setting of Back Fires

November 12, 2011

Get ready, it is almost here.  Soon America will be drenched in 24/7 nonsense.  Reality will give way to magnificently constructed spin.  Yes, Karl Rove and his friends will be back with their version of “trick or treat”.

The Cross Roads crowd will be putting the television airwaves aglow with opinion forming messages.  Today they are airing one on raising taxes.  It shows former President Bill Clinton saying he would not raise taxes for the rich or poor.  The message, of course, never mentions the deficit or the debt, or does it mention GOP opposition to President Obama’s jobs proposal.  The President proposes to fund his jobs bill with taxes on the top 2%.

Protecting the top 2% won’t fly next year when the Democrats (both the party and progressive super pacs) decide to spend money.  The moral and logical argument on the necessity of higher taxes and the clear reasons why the top 1% do not pay enough already will swamp any conservative message.  Next year there will need to be other spins.

One that is beginning fosters the notion that President Obama has lost the war in Iraq.  President Bush had won it, and in just 4 years Obama has lost it.  Politically this is a great issue.  President Obama will have to fight with one arm tied behind his back.  Here’s why.

The Iraq invasion and occupation was probably the greatest foreign policy mistake of this the last two centuries.  The reasons for invading were never justified and the resulting turmoil following regime change has been morally repugnant.  The famous surge was in fact a shame.  What actually took place was the fruition of a covert program to pay militias for both the Sunnis and the Shiites to stop their insurrections.  With three distinct groups, what do you think is going to happen when US forces leave?

President Obama’s handicap is that to denounce the Iraq war for what it was will be seen and advertised as a slap against our service men and women.  The 4400 dead will be held up as heros and President Obama will be said to have no respect for them.

Logic and facts will be put in abeyance.  Despite having spent almost $800 billion on a war of zero necessity, the President will be caught in the position of having to say we fought a good war and now the Iraqi people have decided what future they should have.

The unblemished truth is the invasion and occupation was a huge mistake.  President Obama’s role was to extract American troops steadily but over as much time as he could get in order to provide for the greatest chance of stability.  In accordance with the Iraqi government’s wishes, the end of 2011 is that time.

Bush defenders and the foreign entanglement supporters will rise and criticize President Obama.  Karl Rove is a member of neither one of these groups.  Rove is just a mud slinger who cares not what mud he slings.

A Voice Still Missing

June 25, 2011

Crossroads GPS announced a new round of political ads this week.  With no election this year, what is Karl Rove thinking?

Rove is a long time proponent of the principle “say it long enough and loud enough” and people will hear it and believe it.  Rove has never worried about whether his messages were true or not.  In fact, most of his messages are carefully designed to spin events in a more favorable direction.  Truth, what is that?

The timing of this latest round of American voters edification begs the question, where is President Obama’s voice?

The President has largely lost or neglected the rhetorical mastery that marked his 2008 campaign.  He has sounded more as a professor at best or an almost disinterested arbiter at his worst.  His messages have lacked a thread of connectivity.  His voice has expressed a pent up frustration “why don’t Americans already know that?”

Looking at the George W Bush years, one can somewhat understand President Obama’s frustration.  In the beginning, Bush praised Enron’s entrepreneurial style, essentially finding ways to make money where others had not.  At the end, Bush turned white at the near total collapse of the world’s banking system resulting from the unregulated US derivative market.  This time American bankers and investment guru’s had found ways to “make” money that no one else had found before.

The most basic lesson in business is that if in the spirit of making things better you decide to put holes in the boat, just do not put any holes below the waterline.

President Obama has been a prudent and careful  leader.  His Administration has pursued sensible although conservative approaches to the nation’s problems.  Yet, hardly anyone has that impression.  In fact opinion polls while favorable to Obama himself, give him poor marks on his leadership and the overall direction of the country.

The President badly needs a progressive Karl Rove.  President Obama needs someone to write his narrative and for the next 18 months he’s got to stick to it.  A return to Republican leadership and the policies that did not work before (and will not work this time) would cement the course to second class status for our country.

The narrative, of course, is written to be understood by average Americans.  It is not a speech just for union workers or one just for bankers.  It is a story about how America can work for everyone.

This is not a pipe dream.  Those who write that America’s reign is over may be speaking prematurely.  Look around and tell me which country has the where with all to replace the US we remember?  Even China has so many severe problems that surpassing the US can only result from one thing.  That one thing is if the US implodes first.

Expanding the gap between the rich and the poor, rationing health care on the basis of who can afford it, discarding the sick and the elderly, abandoning the infrastructure, and ignoring the need to educate are all policies that will lead to self induced implosion.

Why can’t the Obama team write a narrative about that and put their actions and policies in perspective?

Governor Perry to the Rescue?

May 28, 2011

The GOP establishment is worried.  The current field of Presidential nomination hopefuls does not warm the dark spots in their hearts.  And this is quite understandable.

While Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are well qualified politicians with proven executive experience, both lack a broad public appeal.  And Romney’s a Mormon, you know.

The rest of the field prompts the proverbial, “who’s that?

The prospects of Michele Bachman or Sarah Palin entering the race is also scary.  What if one of them won?  It would be a second term for President Obama with plenty of money left over.

Jon Huntsman is also rumored to be considering.  He is far more charismatic than Romney and has no record of being a flip-flopper on key issues.  But he is starting as “Jon who”, and the real issues is, can he raise the amounts of money that will be needed?

Governor Rick Perry looks appealing to big GOP money.  He reminds people of the other Texan Governor, George W Bush.  Under Karl Rove’s tender care, “W” was elected.  Why not again?

While “W” was a dismal President and someone who has left a record of failure on all fronts, maybe Perry would be different.  For my money, “W” was one too many Bushes.  And, if Perry is Karl Rove’s friend, then he’s no friend of mine.  What about you?


Don’t Be A Sucker

November 1, 2010

Tomorrow is election day.  Every voter has a right to vote for whomever they wish.  Every voter should exercise this duty and take personal responsibility for the consequences of that vote.  But don’t be a sucker.

Case in point.  An estimated $2 billion will be spent on television ads for this election.  Most of that two billion will come from sources who actions and beliefs drive to protect or increase their person wealth.  In addition these people’s beliefs and actions most directly underly the current slow economy and inability to create jobs.  This money comes from billionaires and corporations who support policies that export jobs and stifle investment in US based jobs.  Never the less, the Supreme Court counts these corporate entities as people and grants them the right to say what they wish.

One of the claims made against Democratic candidates, by these murky sources, is that Candidate X voted to “gut” Medicare of $500 billion dollars and that is a direct attack on senior citizens.  In Pennsylvania, the Toomey campaign (and all those favoring him) are using this claim against Democrat Joe Sestak.  What are the facts?

In this year’s proposed federal budget, Medicare payroll taxes were estimated to be about $260 billion.  This compares to an estimated expenditure of $763 billion for Medicare and Medicaid benefits.  Or, in this years budget, the government foresees a $503 billion short fall in the Medicare/Medicaid area alone.  So, what do these conservative and Republican sources propose to do if elected?

In addition, the $500 billion is a ten year figure ($50 billion per year).  This figure results largely from reducing payments that flow to “Medicare Advantage” participants by capping the rate at which these plans can increase each year.

So any Pennsylvanian can vote for whomever they wish, but don’t become a sucker by believing the “cuts Medicare” claim.  More to the point, how can conservatives and Republicans criticize Joe Sestak (or any Democrat) for trying to control spending when they will be faced with the same situation which has only two options, cut services or increase taxes, or both.


Stealing The Election

October 22, 2010

If you have been living in the US for the past few months, especially the past few weeks, you have been witnessing a theft in broad daylight.  The airwaves have been filled (interestingly not the newsprint) with advertisements that can only be describe as mean spirited, dishonest, and fear based.  But what else is new?

Harkened by the recent Supreme Court (read Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy) decision to consider corporations the same as you and me, and allow unlimited and unidentified political advertisement spending, there is no way a car company can get air time to sell us a new car, or a soap maker to push his products.  All there is is one illogical or irrelevant ad after another.

You can understand the television stations desire to make hay while the sun shines.  Yet these are public airwaves and there is a duty (if not a requirement) for the stewards of these airwaves to perform civic duty.   For example, the claim that candidate X served during record deficits, while true, needs to also say something like, “during the last Administration, a budget surplus went to a negative one and at the end of 8 years, the national debt doubled ($4.5 trillion to $11 trillion).  In addition, the Bush Administration left a proposed budget for President Obama with over $1 trillion deficit”. This type of public service announcement could run side by side with those that money can buy.

If there is any more evidence needed that there is a larceny underway, simply dwell on the notion that Karl Rove is central to the myriad of entities dumping huge sums of money into these content-less ads.



The Snake’s Spots

April 30, 2010

The American public has an amazingly low opinion of Congress. Many reasons are giving ranging from they get nothing done to they do too much. What is most worrisome, however, is the low regard for Congressional members’ personal integrity. The public views that all these members are for sale and their words cannot be trusted. Time for a change?

On May 18, Pennsylvania voters will get a chance to choose between 5 term, 80 year old Arlen Specter and two term Representative, 57 year old Joe Sestak. Specter has had a storied career, mostly as a Republican, and Sestak has had a distinguished Naval career (graduated second in his class at the Naval Academy) rising to the rank of a 3 star Admiral. Both face the possibility of running in the general election against a conservative, friend of big business republican who polls say may beat either of them.

What a time to campaign over issues that will impact Pennsylvanians as means of separating ones candidacy from the intrenched and disliked politicians. No brainer, right?

Unfortunately no. Specter has used two separate TV spots to go negative. The first impugned Sestak’s military career and the second deals with the relatively low pay of Sestak’s campaign staff. What has these claims have to do with (1) how effective Specter might be, if elected, in the next 6 years? (2) How would these claims inform about how Sestak might be, if elected, during the next 6 years?

Specter’s intent is clear. Focus the light away from him and the limited potential he can be effective in the next 6 years.

Voters do not like negative adds, especially when they are not related to any legislative issue. I wonder whether voters will recognize the evil ways of Karl Rove and Lee Atwater behind this style of negative campaigning?

Specter versus Sestak

April 22, 2010

This week Arlen Specter broadened his campaign attack upon Joe Sestak. Senator Specter, who turned 80 on Februrary 12, 2010, shifted his campaign to a “take no prisoners” style. In a TV spot, Specter demeaned the 31 year, 3 star admiral career of Sestak. Why would he go so negative, so early?

One reason may be that Specter, a five term Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, picked up too many bad habits from the likes of Karl Rove and Lee Atwater. Another reason might be that Specter has never shaken off his “attack” style that made his a successful DA, oh so many years ago. Still possibly Specter’s camp is worried about Congressman Sestak’s appeal to independent thinking voters and have become worried.

Five terms or 80 years old seems like a long enough stay. It seems long enough to have made your mark and maybe not so long as to have gotten terribly out of touch with voters. In short, 5 terms or 80 years is a good time to say enough is enough.

Senator Specter has chosen, however, to seek another term. Public opinion polls describe voters as disillusioned with Congress. Negative advertising does the public no service in helping them decide which candidate is more equipped to deal with the challenges facing America. Negative ads are designed, in fact, to take the voters’ eye off the real issues, and distract their attention on misinformation.

Will this early use of mean spirited advertising backfire?

What’s Wrong With The Republican Party?

May 25, 2009

Tom Ridge and Colin Powell think the Republican Party is too “shrill” and far too much to the right (where ever that is), and as a result has become a regional and not a national Party. Powell and Ridge, both known as moderates, believe the Republican Party needs to reach out and become more inclusive. That is a tall order and I wonder whether it alone is enough?

Beginning with the election of Bill Clinton, there have simply been more Democratic voters than Republican due largely to urban demographics and in part to an out of date Republican Agenda (with the end of the cold war, why do we need a strong defense, for example). In 2000, however, the GOP, chose to make a deal with the devil. They pandered to, and made promises to, the evangelicals and fundamentalists in exchange for their votes. The GOP consciously chose to mix church and state in direct conflict with the Constitution they so publicly cling to. The GOP rode the hubris of the extremely narrow 2000 victory as if it had been a national mandate for hate, division, and favoritism. In 2004, Republicans again won the White House by doing more of the same. The $ 64,000 question is, could John McCain have won in 2008 had George W Bush not be such a complete cock up as President? Could a sound and productive Republican Administration for 8 years have resulted in Americans voting them another 4?

So, now the Republicans are out. They are seen widely as a Party that can not run the rail road. For many people (maybe even most), there is a bad taste in their mouths over the fruits of the Bush Administration such as the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Abu Ghraib, waterboarding, Guantanamo, Katrina, Terri Shiavo, Roberts and Alito, and the enormous self inflicted melt down of the economy.

For starters, it will not help the GOP to continue to pander to the likes of religious leaders or anti gay or Mexican worker spokespeople. It will also help to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove. And best of all, it will help to seek candidates who can lead in an inclusive way and who champion the raising of all boats. Like it or not, the Country needs a huge dose of moderation and pragmatism. We are living in a globalized world and we either must learn to do this well (without military force) or the world will pass us by.

We need a healthy and productive second national party. A good spirited GOP will bring out the best from the Democrats and all Americans will benefit. If for no other reason than our Country’s path the past 8 years, we need a fresh new GOP and a fresh new approach to governance.  I wonder whether they are speaking so shrill that they can not “see” the opportunity.

What Is Rove Divided By Two?

April 10, 2009

Karl Rove was one of the more important architects of the failed George W Bush Presidency.  As a strategist and intense poll reader, Rove found ways to divide the voting population into smaller pieces where his message of hate and separation could hijack these smaller group’s vote in favor of George W Bush.  The Bush Presidency speaks for itself and says a lot about ineptitude and incompetence, and most of these rewards could not have happened with out the wisdom of Karl Rove.

This week, Karl Rove appeared again on the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal.  There he once again performed his verbal gymnastics and concluded that President Barack Obama is the most divisive President in history.  Rove cited a recent poll where 88% of Democrats favored Obama while only 27% of Republicans did.  This difference (88-27) Rove called significant and proof that Obama was not bringing the Country together as he had promised.   So there!

As with most other lowlife, the smell you smell isn’t aftershave lotion.  In typical Rovian fact sharing, Karl omitted that there are today more Democrats than Republicans making the significance of 88% larger in terms of voter support.  He also forgot to mention that Independents (in the same poll) favored Obama by 59% also showing support far higher that George W Bush had after 2003.

So what is the answer to “Rove divided by two” ?  The answer is zero.  “A zero” divided by any number is always zero.