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Is Iraq Ready?

August 18, 2010

The death of 61 Iraqis lined up at an Iraqi Army recruiting center this week has underscored again the foolishness of Bush/Cheney decision to invade in the first place. Now with US troops poised to withdraw, questions are being raised on whether the Iraqi Government and its military can keep order once the US has gone home. The proper response is “who cares?”

Iraq was a mess before the invasion and is a mess now 8 years later. Only a strong and decisive government can bring order to Iraq. This type of authority most likely will look like a dictatorship since all the evidence to date suggests the separate pieces of Iraq society can not agree on anything.

Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds all want a piece of the power so that they can control the moneys associated with oil. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran all have their strong preferences on who should run Iraq, again for reasons that best serve their own national interests. This is no country for old men.

Reports indicate that those responsible for the suicide bombing of those 61 were Sunni clans whose allegiance and good behavior the US had bought around the time of the “surge”. When things settled down, the Shiite lead government stopped paying off these clans and surprise, surprise trouble is returning.

Soon we will hear the neoconservative drum beat about why we cannot abandon Iraq. We will be told al Qaeda will return and ready themselves for attacking the US. We will not be told that staying in Iraq will require the Defense Department budget to remain bloated providing lots of jobs and profits to the military-industrial sector of our economy. We will not be told that the US has more than fulfilled its moral responsibility to rebuild what it broke in Iraq. We will not be told that these divisions within Iraq and its neighbors existed before the invasion and that there is no way for the US to fix what only Iraqis can fix.

So, to the question, “is Iraq ready”, your answer should be “who cares”?