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U Bum, (Mr President)

September 24, 2017

A Bully is always one step away from a surprise put down. President Trump ask for it and got his this past Friday. Here’s how.

At a campaign style rally in Alabama, the President tossed some red meat to his faithful choosing to pick upon pro-football players who have chosen to “take a knee” when the national anthem was played at the beginning of professional games. Although many Americans dislike this practice, most see the symbolism as a legitimate concerns over police misuse of lethal force and protected as free speech. Hmmm

The President saw no Constitutional issue and chose to call out players who had demonstrated and said they should be fired. Given most Americans’ respect for the national anthem, he might have thought he was on safe grounds and could bully others. Wrong.

Not satisfied with this, the President later withdrew a White House invitation to the champion Sacramento Warriors after star Steph Curry had said if it was up to him, he would turn down the invitation.

While the President delighted his Alabama audience, at the same time his words united the professional world against him.

President Trump, who ventures often into the gutter with unpresidential speech, has run the risk that sooner or later some target of the President’s remarks will reply in kind, Cleveland Cavalier star LeBraun James fired back, “U Bum” echoing what many others were thinking. Hmmm.

It is very worrisome when the public does not respect the office of President. And, respect is quite different from being dissatisfied with policies. Unfortunately President Trump has done all he could to conflate himself and the office.

U Bum was clearly intended as message for Donald Trump and regrettably Trump happens to be President.

Home Town Hero

July 10, 2010

On Thursday, the circus came to town. Americans, with no life and nothing to do, could turn in on their television sets and see the Labron James special. This one hour ESPN show was dedicated to the proposition that James, a free agent, could announce his pick of the team he would play for, and there would be enough people to pay to see (actually the payment was via cable fees and advertisements). It wasn’t two flies, but it was the most watched program that night.

The spectacle pitted two American virtues squarely against each other. The winner was the right and destiny of talented people to find financial rewards for their gifts. The loser was the notion that somehow the struggling home town would see loyalty returned and the hero would live there happily ever after.

From reports, this decision was not about money. James would be a rich athlete no matter what. It was, however, a little about winning and a lot about fame. In Miami, James would be playing on a more talented team and would be a contender for the NBA title. In addition, James would become a household name in one of the most populous States. Who knows he might even get a Don Johnson-look-a-like TV series.

In Cleveland, James had been a role model for many less wealthy youth and young adults. He did not go to college but spoke articulately. He was never associated with the wild side of life and always spoke fondly and respectfully of his mother. And who can deny that Cleveland needs a role model?

Sooner or later, James would have grown too old for his starring position in basketball. Probably not for 6-8 more years, but never the less, this hero too must retire some day. Cleveland will morn his loss, and may never see such talent again (or at least for a long while). If Clevelanders are smart they will remember James for the good times and not denigrate his name out of anger. But who said people from Cleveland were smart?