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Proud To Be An American Down Under

February 28, 2017

I have been traveling in Australia for just over two weeks. Tomorrow, I will be returning… on a long couple of flights. With me will be wonderful memories of a warm and friendly country full of polite and generous people. Oh, and did I mention that in addition to polite and generous, Australians tend to be direct and forthright? Well, Australians do tell you as they see it.

Today I was visiting the Museum of New South Wales in Sidney. It is a fine museum, not the Louvre, but it is a serious museum with art from around the world as well as a large collection of Australian (and Aboriginal) art. Wanting to learn more about Australian art and artists, I joined a Museum tour focused upon Australian art and artists.

The tour guide asked the assembled group where each was from. London, Perth, and Philadelphia were the opening locations along with a number from Sydney. No sooner had I announced “Philadelphia”, someone from Sydney asked, “have you been following the news from home while on your Australian visit?”

She followed up with “nothing seems to be going right, President Trump and La La Land”.
Her comments seem to summarize many Australians views of President Trump… a cockup.

For Australians, the Academy Awards mistake of announcing the wrong “best picture” award is inexplicable and must be assigned to the category of pure incompetence.  Australians view President Trump in the same league as the Academy, totally unreal and a cockup in motion.

Internet art (not found in museums) from Europe which I have seen is full of unflattering Donald Trump caricatures depicting Trump are vulgar as well as showing him out of touch with reality. In a short time, President Trump has made “America Un-great Again”.

America, fortunately, is much more than President Trump. I remain confident that DJT will self destruct, either by himself or at the hand of fellow Republicans following the 2108 midterm elections. Hmmm.

In the advice department, if you travel, once again it may be beneficial to bring a maple leaf symbol and claim to be a Canadian.