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When Life Goes Well

October 31, 2013

NBC released a new poll yesterday.  No surprise, releasing a poll is like printing money.  These poll’s message, however, was not a surprise although it gives reason for great concern.  Public confidence in Congress, Republicans, Democrats, and the President have all sunk to new lows.  So tell me something that is a surprise.

How about a new Snowdon revelation that NSA intelligence gatherers penetrated the Australian China Embassy in order to gather information on the Chinese while appearing to be Australians.  Pretty brave.  Pretty unethical and short term in NSA thinking.

Or, would you believe that Linday (yes I’m running for reelection) Graham is putting a Senate hold on all nominees including Janet Yellen for the next Federal Reserve chairwoman.  Why?  It seems Grahams clock is still stuck on Benghazi and until certain people testify before a Senate committee, Graham “holds” will stay in place, he says.

Dysfunction, mean spiritedness, and gross ignorance of what needs to be done, all describe the focus of the news we see and hear everyday.  Bummer.  Does anything go well?

Yes.  Last night in Boston, the Red Sox won baseball’s world series.

For sure it was only baseball but baseball has often been held up as a metaphor for the greatness of American life.  The Red Sox victory (from last to first, through controversy with dedication and hard work), for sure, could be seen as a metaphor what American life has been in the past, and more importantly, what life could be in the future… if America stopped shooting itself in the foot.

These low poll ratings are all deserved and all self inflicted.  The NSA intelligence gathering while necessary (given the world we live in), employed methods devoid of ethical and common sense considerations.  Ends do not justify means.  And, misapplying Senate rules meant to protect minority interests, damages both the nominees put on hold and makes the Senate a much smaller a deliberative body.

The Red Sox season and especially the World Series spoke to a different spirit and making possible what does not seem possible.