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Sports Hypocrisy In Plain Sight

February 22, 2015

Kurt Busch has joined the list of professional athletes who have been penalized for the good of the whole. Similarly to Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson and Baltimore’s Ray Rice, Busch was suspended on the basis of abuse charges by his former girl friend. The Nascar organization stepped forward and said Busch’s behavior was out of bounds and an indefinite suspension was in order. Hmmm.

This is the same Nascar that weekly features 200 mile per hour racing where kissing the leading cars rear bumper (and spinning it out of control) seems almost manufactured for fan entertainment. So whose behavior is more dangerous?

The answer most likely is “who cares”. The Nascar organization’s response is motivated to prevent the world of “PC speak” from disparaging the racing organization’s image and in some way hurting TV revenues.

It’s all about money. What say Adrian and Ray?

The NCAA has just as huge an hypocrisy coming towards center stage right now. In the world of “student athletes”, the University of Kentucky’s mens basketball team is a scandal waiting to happen. Kentucky has figured out a way to recruit a freshman championship quality team year after year.  Kentucky is forced to recruit a new squad each year because their champion players all elect to go to the NBA following one year at Kentucky.

So what’s the pending scandal?

Does anyone think that these student athletes attend any meaningful classes? How many of these students even complete their freshman year? And who cares?

The real scandal of pro-football, pro-racing, and the top level of amateur level NCAA is that they have found ways to generate huge earnings by providing the spectator a riveting and exciting sport products, and sometimes those ways are incompatible with either the world around them.

Spousal abuse is adherent to be sure, but there are laws and a criminal process to prosecute abusers. The NCAA is quick to punish even the slightest benefit that may go to an athlete, even those who come from the poorest of homes. While the NCAA is raking in dollars, it seems to have no problem looking the other way when Kentucky fields an entirely new crop of outstanding athletes each year.

Kentucky appears to makes no effort to guide these students on an academic path.

Sooner or later, the PC police will pounce upon this academically inconsistent behavior and make the University and its coach, John Caliper the villains. Unlike Rice, Peterson, and Busch, there is no criminal process to make judgement on Kentucky. There is only the court of business profits to weigh in on Kentucky’s propriety.

Rice For Lunch

September 9, 2014

Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens fired running back Ray Rice and the NFL piled on by banning Rice indefinitely. The reason: the embarrassing release of a video in which Rice is seen knocking his wife unconscious with a roundhouse punch to the head.

The video does not provide any information into why Rice was provoked to strike his wife (then his girl friend). It, of course, does not matter. Striking another person, especially when one person is bigger and stronger than the other, is cowardly and (in this case) unmanly.

Just as cowardly, was the reaction of both the Ravens and the NFL. Without further due process, both organizations “got out in front” of this story. Rice was gone before lunch.

There is no excuse for Rice’s violence and it is especially disgusting in view of the 2/1 size difference. With any reflection, Rice should have immediately asked for a leave of absence while he sought serious anger counseling. Instead, the hammer came down from his employers. Hmmm.

The media pundits are all puffed up today crying out about why it has taken so long for the NFL to act. (It is a good thing we do not have stoning as an acceptable punishment.) Hmmm.

A good rule of thumb, however, is beware of those who speak as “holier than thou”. Remember it is the multi-billion dollar NFL enterprise who feature bone chilling body collisions with multiple cameras sharing these scenes in millions of homes.

The nature of football is rough. The nature of business is rougher.

The NFL (like the NCAA) is about how to make more money from people running into each other. And the NFL does a great job of that. It encourages young healthy players to enter the NFL, preform until he can not keep up, and then shrink away into retirement.

The Ray Rice’s video is an awful example for anyone, but especially young football fans, to follow.

And for sure, we all should know that there are consequences for our actions.

What Rice will learn from this experience is hard to predict, maybe nothing. What the NFL will learn is, for sure, nothing.

The NFL is focused only on profits and Rice for lunch is just fine.