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My New Next Door Neighbor

March 18, 2013

Reince Priebus, Chairman of National Republican Party, has news for all of us.  We are going to get some new neighbors.  The GOP is going to send out into the community paid Republican workers who will provide the GOP message directly to Americans.  Why?  Well, Mitt Romney lost the last election because not enough Americans understood the GOP message.


I’m not sure whether I should laugh at this preposterous notion or scratch my head and wonder how anyone could think the GOP message had not been communicated?  After the carnival which was the Republican primary process, and about $1 billion spent upon the Presidential campaign, one might say I did not like the message, but one cannot say I did not hear the message.

Women, minorities, gays and lesbians, those who respect science, those caught up in voting rules changes, and Hispanics have all heard a clear message.  Rebranding or more intimate messaging does not change the message.

The natural consequences of Priebus’s plan are that the GOP will lose by even greater margins in 2016, and Democrats will not sharpen their game in order to remain competitive.  They won’t need too.

Without two relevant political parties, all Americans are losers.