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I Wonder Why?

July 29, 2010

Scene 1. Clinton White House. The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the Editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and many other like minded media sources are spewing out daily a hash composed of “Clinton is a congenital liar”, “the Country is going the wrong way”, and “Clinton is weak on defense”. Reflection:  So, what.  The Clinton years were 8 solid years of achievement where all boats rose, the Country prospered, and the Government ran a surplus budget. (In truth, the Monica Lewinsky episode was a black mark upon Bill Clinton and although this transgression did not rise to impeachment standards, it reflected badly upon Clinton himself).

Scene 2 The George W Bush White House. The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the Editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and many other like minded media sources could not praise Bush more, and castigated those who questioned Bush’s policies as somehow “un-American. Reflection: History will judge the accomplishments of the Bush years. In the mean time we should be able to remember the invasion of Iraq (a Country that posed no threat to the US and had had nothing to do with 9/11), Abu Ghraib (a testimony to a foul “tone at the top”), Guantanamo (a glaring example of an Administration that did things and then thought later of the consequences), Katrina (a chicken that came home to roost), the Bush tax cuts (fiscal moves that could not be afforded and one that helped the rich more than everyone else), the collapse of the housing bubble (after 8 years of watching the bubble develop and taking no action), and maybe the best of all, the near collapse of the global financial sector due to little or no regulatory enforcement on US Banks and Investment firms.

Scene 3. The Barack Obama White House. The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the Editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and many other like minded media sources are having it their way again. Obama is a socialist (not true), he is a fascists (not true), he has raised taxes (not true yet), and oh, yes, Obama is a liar (also not true). Reflection: Obama has been in office a year and a half. During that time the financial sector has stabilized, the economy has begun to recover (weakly to be sure), the US is on tract to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan is working its way towards a resolution (certain it will be no clear cut victory since that was never possible). Oh, and Obama has also lead the fight to pass a heathcare reform bill (in truth this was step one to include most all Americans in being able to obtain healthcare coverage but step two, dealing with out of control costs, remains to be tackled.

Scene 4. Main Street, Some people still prefer to obtain their view of the world from The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the Editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and many other like minded media sources. The world may actually be one thing but to these people the world is what they have always thought it was, and the have The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the Editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and many other like minded media sources to prove it.

The Neoconservative Chorus

June 22, 2009

If you want to see what lies ahead if a Republican conservative is elected President again any time soon, check out the pages of the The Weekly Standard. A free press is an important part of the American way but it is not without its dark side. From this pulpit, a slice of conservatism spews out babble and nonsense. Most hideous is the notion that the American memory is so short it can not recall the exhortation The Weekly Standard lavished upon Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowicz, Pearle, and ultimately George W Bush. We have Iraq, enhanced interrogation, and a failed foreign policy to thank neoconservatives for.

It is no surprise that The Weekly Standard (as well as other leaders such as Senator Lindsay Graham) is criticizing President Barak Obama for his relatively restrained reaction to the uproar in Iran following the recent Presidential election. These right wingers believe in “shout now”, think later. They enjoy puffing up their chests, push forward their American flag emblems, and trying to shout louder than the colleagues. This crowd is lead by a cabal of chicken hawks, those who advocate military action but prefer to send the sons of daughters of other people to carry out the dirty work.

What is surprising and insightful is the theme adopted by the The Weekly Standard. This is undoubtedly the sound of more to come. They are labeling President Obama as a “weak President” ! They mistake a deliberate choice which they do not endorse with indecision. But is this a political mistake as well as sign of another try at failed policies?

President Obama continues to enjoy an over 60% approval rating even while many of the policies he is pursuing to combat other issues facing the country are not viewed as favorably. Looking ahead to the mid term elections, we could see a theme calling for the election of strong Republican leaders to compensate for a weak chief executive. Crap stinks and creme floats. This conservative strategy will soon be seen for what it is, another failed neoconservative idea.

Preening and Posturing

April 27, 2009

“Preening and Posturing” writes Bill Kristol in a May 4th dated article which I read in the on line Weekly Standard.  “Throwing those who guard us while we sleep to the wolves”, Kristol explained.  Kristol, who as a leading neoconservative, provide plenty of space and ideas for the Bush “chicken hawks” and goaded them into the invasion and occupation of Iraq as well as other excesses such as Abu Ghraib, the NSA spying, enhanced interrogation, and the shameful Guantanamo detainment center.

Rather than move on to new themes having seen the abject failure of the policies he had championed in the early 2000s, Kristol is set on building a defense for his role by encouraging readers to worrying about the CIA and the protection of the American public.  What all the neoconservatives failed to realize was that their idea of protecting America was worthwhile but achieving this protection by any means was not.  “Might makes right” and  “ends justify the means” were the real themes of the neoconservatives.  Strangely people like Kristol were willing to ask us to trust our Government on matters like this but that Government could not be trusted on matters such as social security, healthcare, or any other progressive idea.

The “extreme” preening and posturing that is in full display these days in not limited to the Democrats (as Kristol would have his readers believe) but in fact is the hallmark of the Republican apologists who oppose everything President Obama proposes.  When it comes to the “torture memos”, the subject strikes too close to home.  The right wing, conservative elements of the Republican party (and not the Libertarians like Ron Paul) see an unlimited executive as both necessary and as a model of efficiency.  President Bush and his sidekick, Dick Cheney (or was it the other way around?) have shown us clearly how to misuse this power.  What more do we need to see why in order to appreciate our Constitution’s checks and balances.  It separates the US from all other countries and has been probably the most responsible factor for the security of all Americans?